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About Brigham

Born and raised in Robertsdale Alabama, Brigham Cason was taught a work ethic inspired by his family of farmers. Brigham developed an interest in drums and percussion in Middle school. This infatuation led to the eventual joining of the school band as a percussionist. Being a part of the school’s ensembles kept (and keeps) Brigham in tune with musicality and attention to detail to this day.

Although drums was his first passion, Brigham found that it was quite hard to play in places and write songs with just drums. Thus inspiring him to pick up the guitar. Brigham taught himself the guitar at the age of thirteen and instantly began writing songs thereafter. Among the first songs he wrote is, “There She Goes”, on his debut album “Brigham Cason”, or as he prefers to call it “2017”.

“Brigham Cason/2017” Came out in August of 2017. Never having recorded an album before, Brigham stepped into Muscle Shoals, Alabama with his head high and a notebook full of songs. Unaware of the valuable lessons he was going to learn within just a week of recording, he recorded the ten tracks. Most of the songs on the record were written when he was just thirteen. Leading to the struggle Brigham felt with the title of the record bearing his name.

“A New Bird Sings” (2021). Brigham’s second project was a direct product of the pandemic and the ruminations he had during quarantine. Within the record there are points of long distance relationships, loss of love, introspection, and hope. The EP was recorded in Laurel, Mississippi with the help of his friend and musician John Milham. A reflection and response to the first album in style, and a lyrical beauty, “A New Bird Sings” Particularly the title track, remains one of Brigham’s favorite projects he’s been a part of.

“Like A Page Burning Slowly” (2023) was recorded at Ecstatic Studios in Nashville with the help of David Shivers and Austin Bennett. Perhaps the most honest work of Brigham’s discography was released in May of 2023. The record reflects Brigham’s introspection during his time between Nashville (TN), Florence (AL), and his hometown of Robertsdale, Alabama. The constant traveling between these towns called for much thought and realization of feelings. Following a burn out at a coffee shop he was managing in Nashville, Brigham moved back to his hometown and began writing as a way to process the loss of the comfortable life he had made for himself in Nashville. Paving the way to the records formation and release.

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